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The sun shines 365 days in Brazil. So we prefer outside sports? No, we prefer to read !

An Enemy of the People (Dover Thrift Editions) - Henrik Ibsen,  Waleria Marrené A Doll's House - Henrik Ibsen The Wild Duck - Henrik Ibsen Rosmersholm - Henrik Ibsen;William-Alan Landes;Sharon H. Landes The Lady from the Sea - Thomas Zanon-Larcher, Jules Wright Halvard Solness, Master Builder - Henrik Ibsen, Wallace Shawn When We Dead Awaken - Henrik Ibsen, William Archer

Discussing Ibsen's plays

 After reading An Enemy of the People, I had the opportunity to watch it played by Schaubühne Berlin,directed by Thomas Ostermeier.

 I know almost nothing about Theather, so I read the biography of the director There it was informed Ibsen is not Ostemeier's favourite author.  As Ibsen is not my favourite author neither, I decided to go. Big mistake! I simply hated how Ostermeier changed the play. 



 Now I'm reflecting more and more about Ibsen's plays.

 I'm Brazilian and he was from Norway. We are separated by huge cultural and historical distances. I'm afraid I'm not too educated to surpass such differences and completely understand his plays. 

 Before reading a book, I always read the biography of the author. If the author's life is not in accordance with his books, I don't read the book. Ibsen is an exception. He criticized society and lived all his life in totally accordance with society's rules, taking advantage of it. 

 Normally I don't read more than one book of the same author per year. Even Dostoievski, that is by far my favourite author, I only read 1-2 books per year. 

 There was an opportunity on the book shop, so I bought 7 plays of Ibsen for a good price. As the books were in my house, I decided to read all them in 2013.

 They were: Doll's House, An Enemy of the People, The Wild Duck, Rosemersholm, The Lady from the Sea, Solness, the Builder, When We Dead Awaken.




 Doll's House is extraordinary. It is one of the best text I've every read in my life. It is perfect how the author expresses Nora's feelings and her husband's feelings. How she is much braver than him in a similar situation. 

 An Enemy of the People... If I had read it when I was a teenager I would have liked it more. It's a play for people who think they will change the world. I believe Ostermeier killed meaning of the play when he changed the end. I don't believe on Ibsen's ideas, but I believe they should be respected as in the original text.

 Solness, the Builder touched me in a special way. I cannot describe it. Maybe because it touches the border of sanity and insanity. I found amazing this can be a theme for life in Brazil or in Norway. Humankind is fragile in all countries around the world.

 The rest...the other plays... They are not above mediocrity.

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