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Spiritualism in Roman Empire

On the Republic and on the Laws - Cicero, David Fott


 This work is devided into 6 books. Most of the books are dedicated to discuss the best way of government for achieving the true Republic ('public thing'), a fair society with equal rights for all citizens. It is presented as a dialogue among friends. They present the pro and con of monarchy, aristocracy and democracy. For developping this ideas, they discuss History of Rome.

The last book is dedicated to God and author's spiritual experience. As a Brazilian, this part was expecially interessant for me. There is a popular Religion here named 'Spiritualism' (founded by French Alan Kardec), it says people have successive reincarnations and, between the death in a previous life and the reincarnation in the next life, the spirits go to a Spiritual World. The description of the Spiritual World made by Chico Xavier (a famous leader of Spiritismus) is the same of Cicero. But he lived 2,000 years after Cicero! Maybe he read Cicero's book (that is not probable, because Chico Xavier had low education) or both had the same kind of experience and this is the only way they could explain it.

It called my attention when one of the spirits says: 'Look at that globe! That is the Earth!'. How do they know the Earth was a globe 100 b.C.? And he says there are lands in Southern Earth and there were peoples there too. These peoples were so different that they didn't look like Romans.

I can write thousands of things that impressed me. I still don't know if I trust on it or not. But even if you are not religious, you should read this book. The discussion about the ways of government is very current until nowadays.




These are images from the movie Nosso Lar (Our Home, Neutre Demeure), based on the book (with same title) by Chico Xavier.



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